Hey there, nice to meet you!

I am Tejasvini Loya, and A+1 Shimmer is my story of rebooting a career as a Makeup-artist.

The story starts in 2012 when I moved to Europe with my husband and found myself with plenty of time at hand to do some self-exploration. I gravitated towards my inner desire to make things beautiful, got inspired by Nicci Welsh’s story, pursued a certification from Nicci Welsh Make-up Academy in Copenhagen, and with that A+1 Shimmer was born.

And though the professional journey only began in 2016, the desire to make things beautiful has been forever. With the basic skills being acquired in early teenage years, having practiced beauty tips & tricks on my friends and family, the certification course along with first hand experience at Copenhagen Fashion Week & the capstone project provided the polishing for the rough edges.

My signature style, “Timeless over Trends”, comes from my belief and culture. And as a woman, I’ve found strength and confidence when I feel beautiful and wonderful from within and with A+1 Shimmer I want to promote this beautiful feeling to my readers, followers and clients – “Be Beautiful, Feel Wonderful”

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