Serum – The game changer


From new moms to career mavens, many of us start to notice the first signs of aging in our 30s. They may appear to you as fine lines, wrinkles, or a lack of firmness.

You need something that can save you.. Yes!!Word is “Serum”. 

By now, you have probably found a cleanser and a moisturizer that suits you best. But, it’s time to start adding an anti-aging treatment product to your regimen that will target your unique skin concerns. From dark spots to large pores to wrinkles, you need something that can deliver a little extra care to certain areas – and that’s where a facial serum comes in.

Quick take on my skin serum 🙂

I have been using Lancome Advanced Genifique for a month now, and the results are amazing. As it advertised, the products has master over fine lines, dark spots, and firmness.  You can really feel the smoothness and glow in few weeks of the application.


It just adding few drop under your day and night moisturizer- and Voila!! Sucks into your skin, leaves you with super hydrated, smooth and radiant skin in few days only.

Downside of this products to be particular is that, its pricy!! Yes  99Cad$ +taxes to 30 ml bottle. It does not last more than month for sure.

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Be Beautiful, Feel wonderful.




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