Say no more to puffy eyes.


Early morning when you see yourself in mirror with Puffy eye, not so good “Good morning” Right! They are just making you look extra tired and un- refreshed.


Let me help you with few tricks and products which can reduce your concerns.

First key is to be Happy

  • Cold water treatment: Cold compresses are used to constrict blood vessels, which will restrict the flow of fluid into the soft tissue. Dip a face towel in the bowl filled with ice, place it on your eye and relax!
  • Sleep elevate: Adding a pillow which will decrease the chance of getting swollen eye in the morning.
  • Ice cold splashSplash you face with ice cold water, will reduce swelling.
  • Massage: Slowly in circular motion, massage the area.
  • Product: There are plenty of products in market to de-puff eye. Look for product that cool the eye area and rejuvenate the skin to reduce puffiness. The product can be in form of gel or cream. There are many eye -cream and night cream. I have listed few for you.
  • Clinique All about eyes serum


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  • Estee Lauder ANR eye serum



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  •  L’oreal Advanced Revitalift eye Cream


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Do share your experiences.

Be Beautiful Feel Wonderful



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