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It has recently cross my mind, that not everyone is comfortable wearing False Lashes. Few don’t even know how can they use? What all is needed and how can you keep them for long. So this small blog for all my beautiful friends.

I can completely understand, adding false eyelashes can be bit frightening. Especially when you want to complete your look on the special day. Today i will try to break down the fake eyelash application.

  • Prepare the eye: Its wise to do your eye make-up first, so that you don’t have any product resting on your lashes or they are bothering you while applying eyeshadow. “ShimmerHack“-Its important to apply a line of black liner before applying lashes, this way, it blends in with the base of lash line and leave no visible gaps.
  • Packaging and reusing :Taking great care of lashes is key to extend the wearability and longevity! Lashes usually come with casing, which allows for shape & curl to remain intact! Its advisable to use pair of tweezers to carefully remove the lashes. Never pulls off from the individual strands as this could possibly cause the lashes to break from the band.
  • Measurement & Trimming:  Every eye has different shape and size, therefore it good to measure before place them. It simple! You just need to place the band on you lash line and check for desired length, trim the excess part with good pair of scissors. “ShimmerHack“- Cut from the out side in.
  • Lash Glue: It important to buy a good lash glue, I personally don’t extensively use  lashes, therefore i use the know brand “Duo eyelash adhesive”. They are good, and comes in with 4 different glues tubes, ready use for different types of lashes.  “ShimmerHack“- Apply a thin layer of glue on the band and wait for 30 sec to set then apply to your lash line.  Secure it by pressing with your finger tip.


Pro- Tips:

  • Always place your lash band as close as possible to your lash line.
  • If your lash line is oily, try and add more glue to ends and middle of your band.
  • You can use tweezer if you like to place your band, it make it little easier.

Shimmer Hack:

  • Place a small mirror below you so that you can see where you are placing your band easily.

I know, it sound a little difficult to apply lashes, but it just matter of patience and practicing and in no-time one you will be Pro- lash applicator.


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