Perfect Lipstick.


“Give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world”- Marilyn Monroe

Make-up is an Art. Every stroke counts. Every color defines you.  Over decades, lip color have been highly used, it the one thing that gives a straight statement.

Many of you have doubt, why does lipstick bleed? , Lip color uneven? , flaky application, lipstick running all over? Oh God! Well, i quick break down and you can easily Master the art of Lipstick application

As I always tell my clients to get perfect lipstick on, keep your lips clean, hydrate and moisturized. “ShimmerHack” – Apply genrous amount of lip balm before starting your make- up.

  1. Prepare Lip– Prepping is the key‼Just like your skin, you need to exfoliate your lips with lip-scrub and generously apply lip balm for healthy looking lips. You may apply lip primer after to make color stay for longer and to stop color bleeding.
  2. Base– Apply left over foundation from your brush, it is important to conceal the uneven lip-tone or discoloration on your lips. This will help in building the color evenly creating a flawless base.


  1. Lip-liner– To achieves a polished well-defined lip, it’s really important to use good and sharp lip pencil. Drawing “X” on upper lip, just below cupid bow following the natural lip-line and two lines creating “V” at the inner corner. And then connect out-lines. Fill in the color with the lip liner.


  1. Lipstick– Choose the lipstick of your choice, take some product on the brush and start apply evenly from the inner corner. Layer your lipstick to intensify the color, or to reach desired color.
  2. Give definition– Quickly run the concealer brush on the edges to clean and correct any mistakes and Voila! your define lips are ready to pout.



Wish you, happy lip!! Post your pictures with lovely pout!!
*This post is not sponsored. All opinions are my own.
Be Beautiful, Feel wonderful

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