Natural Look!!


Hi Beautiful Gang! How have you been with all celebration going around.

As we are seeing a new trend of makeup is making a buzz around, well-known as “Makeup but No makeup ” look.

Lets try an achieve 😉 All you need is few things, which is already there in your make-up kit.

  • Shiny Lips: According to my experience, I personally think moisturizing the lips with balm is very essential for fresh and natural appearance. Shade of light or nude colors will help you to achieve the look. If you are girl, who doesn’t like lipstick, then a good shiny gloss is what you need.


  • Natural Eyes: Every eye shape is different, therefore it important to make your eyes stand out. Light coffee coloured eye shadow and brown/black kohl will give you natural look. Always avoid lump in application of your mascara. Shimmerhack: Start from base and also cover the corner of the eye. 11
  • Blended Make up: To achieve foolproof natural look, the only strategy is Blending. Using correct Concealer and Foundation and then blending it in your skin, this will result in natural, fresh and glowing skin. I would try to avoid too much of highlighter. It will never give the result of natural look.

face.jpgI love Shimmer, that’s why little glitter on eyes.

Shimmerhack : If you have full brows, just run brow gel.

I keep this look for my Sunday brunch or coffee date and even some time, when I have to go and visit my extended family.


It’s simple and sophisticated. Let me know, your take on this.


Be Beautiful, Feel Wonderful.


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